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Favorite Things Gift Set

 Quality products to show your love!

You don’t have to think or curate the perfect gift set. We did the work for you, and we wrapped it.  Add card to your purchase to create an extra special touch!

  • The universal headband/ snug but not tight, soft, great pattern for any hair color (locally made).
  • PF candle- sun loom scent to brighten anyone’s day (locally made).
  • Abeba leaf earrings - sustainably made by women in Ethiopia, blush leather
  • Seattle Chocolates Tart and Soul chocolate bar: dark and white chocolate truffle bar with raspberries lemon and biscotti.
  • Make yourself a priority sticker- PREACH!
  • Ursies Berry Blush (locally made).
  • Imani Floral banner to bring the outdoors inside- universal style to go with any decor - sustainably made by women in Kenya.

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